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Extra Activities

Sikh Culture and Helping Single Moms
Join the hospitable Sarjit family (dairy farm) in Bangra
dancing at night if you stay in the farm, or accompany
them to Sikh celebrations at temples in the area.

If you want to stay at least one week, you can help single
moms in Sikhmai (Sikh Single Mothers' Association Ipoh).
Discuss with Mr Sarjit how you can help out by meeting with
the committee members of Sikhmai. Perhaps you can
help fix leaking roof, paint houses, teach the children

English or write about their plights in your blogs and raise
funds for them.

Tai Chi Exercises
Join the Chins at their pomelo farm in group

tai chi exercises early in the
morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Limestone Caves

The Malaysian Karst Society


and the Malaysian Nature Society
conduct visits into limestone caves.

Foot Reflexology and Body Massage
Pamper yourself! Come along for a foot reflexology session or indulge yourself in a relaxing body massage.
Foot reflexology RM30 per hour
Body massage RM60 per 1 hour and RM100 for 2 hours
With RM5 extra, you'll get the service on your doorstep at whichever farm you're staying

Orchid Farm Tour
A visit to the farm will include a tour of the orchid shade houses where you will see the glorious range of tropical orchid species as well as learn about the processes involved with cultivating and growing of Malaysian cut flower orchids. The farm also has a tropical fruit orchard and a collection of ornamental orchids which flower throughout the year. The cost of the tour is RM3 per person.

Catch fresh water fish from two of the local fish ponds in Tambun. Rod and baits will be provided; all you need is a bit of luck and patience! You only need to pay RM8.00 per kilogram for the fish caught.

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