Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tambun Land Issues

Pomelo farmers told to move

Source: The Star
July 16, 2007

IPOH: Members of the Tambun Pomelo Growers Association were perplexed when they were chosen to accept an award at the 2007 Perak Tourism Appreciation Awards here. This was because two-thirds of them are facing eviction from the land their families have toiled for over the past 50 years.

They were told to go, supposedly to make way for development.The association's secretary, Chin Too Kam, said it was puzzling that they should be named the "Most Encouraging and Supportive Non-governmental Association" when, at the same time, they were being kicked out of Tambun.

"Our efforts in making the Tambun pomelo a household name is clearly unrecognised and yet they give us an award," said the 62-year-old pomelo grower. Chin added that the members were not at all happy to receive the award from the Perak Tourist Association on Saturday night.

Members have complained that although they have tried to resolve the issue of their land titles for 20 years, the problem remains. Last year, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali announced that only 40ha of the present 121ha orchard land in Tambun would be preserved for pomelo growing. Those not granted land titles would have to relocate elsewhere, he said.

Peace of mind for Tambun pomelo farmers

Source: The Star
October 17, 2011

IPOH: Pomelo farmer Kong Meng Wai can put his heart and soul into his venture without hesitation as he now owns the land that he farms on.

Kong, 63, said he had been applying for the land he had been tending in Tambun since he started farming there 30 years ago.

"Every year, like the others, I would apply for the title but sadly we didn't hear any news,” he said.

“It was only after our MP Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah stepped in to fight for us that our applications were successful,” he added.Kong said that with the title, which is for 99 years, he would be more confident about investing in his farm.

He was one of 55 pomelo farmers in Tambun who obtained their offer letter for land titles from Ahmad Husni here on Sunday.

Besides the farmers, Ahmad Husni also presented housing lot titles to 15 villagers of Batu 5, Tambun. Also present were Hulu Kinta assemblyman Datuk Rusnah Kassim and Manjoi assemblyman Datuk Nadzri Ismail.

Fellow farmer Wong Keng Hoong, 50, thanked Ahmad Husni for helping them.

“Previously we were reluctant to invest as we feared being chased away if developers took over the land,” he added.

Ahmad Husni, who is also Second Finance Minister, said by giving the farmers the titles, the Government could have a more comprehensive plan for the area.

He admitted that he faced an uphill task initially.

“But we stood firm and told developers the area is fertile for pomelo farming,” he said.

Tambun pomelo growers finally receive land titles to orchards

Source: The Star
December 24, 2012

The farmers were the last of 74 pomelo farmers in Tambun to receive their land titles after their applications were approved by the state government two years ago.

Ahmad Husni, who was instrumental in helping the pomelo farmers reach the end of their struggle, said: “I’m really jubilant today as I share the same level of joy with the recipients.”

Ahmad Husni added that the farmers could now focus on developing their orchards and improving them further to attract more tourists in future.

“I also want the farms to have good landscaping and will discuss with the Tambun Pomelo Growers Association on future plans for the farms,” he added.

Tambun pomeloes are not only a household agriculture product for Ipoh but the orchards where they are grown are also popular tourist destination.

There was also good news to be shared with 18 other villagers in nearby Pekan Tambun as they received similar titles to their homes.

Ahmad Husni, who is also Second Finance Minister, said the area was not meant for housing, initially.

“The lots were also very cramped. Hence, we needed time to come up with layout plans to be sent out together with the applications,” he said.

As the third generation staying in Pekan Tambun, 52-year-old odd job worker Lee Yoon Sung breathed a long sigh of relief having lived all his life fearing he might lose his home someday.

“Finally, I have a sense of security as I do not need to worry about being forced out of my home.

“My family has stayed here since the Emergency period as it was a regrouping area where villagers were relocated here, away from the jungle and the communists,” he said, smiling from ear to ear after receiving his land title.

During the ceremony, Ahmad Husni also gave out an allocation of RM69,000 to the association for drainage upgrading works to be carried out at Kampung Lata.

He also gave RM10,000 to the Tambun Federal Village Security and Development Committee to purchase tables, chairs and a public address system.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Other Temples in Tambun

Pasar Malam / Night Market

Various types of herbs that are being sold at the night market.

The man here is preparing Fried Kuey Teow.
Catherine is holding up some long stalks of  petai (stink beans).
Papadum (thin, crispy Indian crackers).
Rendang (dry curried beef).

Chapati (unleavened flatbread).
Punjabi sweets.
Local drinks at the night market / hawker stalls.

The locals are enjoying some pieces of succulent papaya.

Tambun Hawker Foods

Grilled catfish.
Vegetarian tofu.

Curry laksa (spicy, curry noodles with soup). 

American volunteer, Catherine, is helping Farmer Chin to sell fruits.

Beautiful mangoes.

Farmstay - Dairy Farm

Tibetan Temple

Temple Guest Room

Temple Kitchen