About the Program

PomeloThe Tambun Farmstay Program is set in Tambun, a small town in the state of Perak, a fifteen minute drive east of Ipoh. Tambun is well known for its majestic limestone cliffs, but even more so for its pomelos. Tourists from all over the Peninsula and beyond come here to sample the big juicy citrus. In Malaysia the pomelo is even known as “Limau Tambun”! (Limau means citrus in the Malay language)

The fruit farms involved in the Tambun Farmstay Program grow several different species of pomelo and of course many other fruits, like the jackfruit, the starfruit, various kinds of lemons and oranges, the durian and the honey jambu. The farmers have extensive farming experience and are able to tell interesting stories about the different uses the fruits have. For example, water from boiled pomelo skin can be used to prevent dandruff and sun-dried pomelo skin is a good ingredient for desserts. Pomelos are an outstanding source of vitamin C and potassium. One pomelo has three times the amount of vitamin C of an orange and they are also a good source of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes.

Goal of the program:

Calf & CowThe Tambun Farmstay Program aims to provide a secondary income for the members of the farming community in and around Tambun, by introducing tourism focused on the area's nature, agriculture and culture. 
The Tambun Farmstay Program is initiated and supported by eHomemakers, a not-for-profit organization from Kuala Lumpur, dedicated to economic empowerment through the use of information and communication technology.
To help the farming community develop the best tourist facilities, eHomemakers provides tourism related training to farmers, their families, and some residents in the multi-racial local community in order for them to take on different roles, such as homestay hosts, farm tour guides and activity coordinators for tourism. Eventually, the whole program will be run by the farming community, and all income generated through the program will be directed towards the local community.

For more information about the eHomemakers organization, please visit www.ehomemakers.net.

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