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     Information:  The project is now back into the hand of the farmers. For Malaysian/Singaporean tourists/tour agencies, if you want  homestay for maximum 6 people, please call Mrs Chin and speak in Cantonese/Mandarin, at 013-5016491 for booking. Any booking for larger group, please contact Mr Devi’s farm or the Tibetan temple (bring your own tent/mattresses). Login to view farmers' contacts.

    Telephone:   +603-77265271 (eHomemakers)

             Name                                                           Position

  1. Tong Hua Tong Temple                                     Tambun Cave Temple
  2. Mr. amp; Mrs. Devi                                                           Tambun Accupuncture Academy
  3. Mr Sarjeet Singh                                                              Tambun Dairy Farmer
  4. Mr Fu Ah Kau                                                                    Tibetan Temple homestay committee
  5. Mr Ah Meng                                                                       Tambun Fruit Farmer / Jungle Trekking
  6. Holistic CareIridology
  7. Achin & Akiew                                                 Tambun Fruit Farmer

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